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World Cup 2018 DOOM! Massive Swarms Of Bugs Are Invading The World Cup Ahead Of England-Tunisia In Volgograd

Massive swarms of bugs are invading the World Cup ahead of England-Tunisia in Volgograd

Flies and mosquitos are running rampant in the Russian city of Volgograd ahead of Monday's World Cup clash between England and Tunisia. Helicopters have been deployed to spray insecticide on the Volgograd Arena, which will host four games over the course of the tournament. Volgograd – formerly Stalingrad – sits along the Volga River in the southwest part of the country. The stadium itself is right on the bank of the river, which many fear could mean the bug problem will be even worse than in other parts of the city. English press and fans have taken to Twitter to voice the seriousness of the problem. The swarms of bugs have caused some broadcasters to cancel live shots and are wreaking havoc in the city's fan zones. Source


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