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Evil Portent For Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka's Famous Galle Face Hotel Doorman Kottarappu Chattu Kuttan Dies!

A doorman who worked for 72 years at the most famous hotel in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, has died aged 94. Kottarappu Chattu Kuttan, who had started as a waiter, never retired from his job at the Galle Face Hotel. Guests would be greeted at the grand seafront entrance by the diminutive Mr Kuttan with his palms pressed together in the traditional greeting. White-haired with a handlebar moustache, the diminutive figure also sported badges from all over the world. BBC Read More>>>>>>

Evil Portent For Bus Riders Pope Francis Deeply Saddened By Bus Accident In Cartagena & Sends Telegram To Bishop Of Cartagena! Expect More Bus Deaths!

First news of the bus accident in Spain: Bus Crash in Spain Kills 14, Injures 38 MADRID — Nov 9, 2014, 6:18 AM ET Associated Press Authorities say a bus carrying a group on a religious excursion has crashed in southern Spain, killing 14 people and injuring another 38. A regional church authority in Murcia says one of two buses bringing back 55 members of a religious group from a day trip in Madrid to the town of Bullas ran off the road late Saturday and tumbled down a 15-meter (50-foot) dirt embankment. The crash occurred near the town of Cieza. The regional government says 23 passengers are still hospitalized Sunday and that police are investigating in causes of the crash. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy expressed his condolences through Twitter, writing "I am deeply affected by the accident in Cieza." The victims include the local priest, 36-year-old Miguel Conesa Andugar. Now the Telegram from Pope Francis the Destroyer: The Pope deeply saddened by the tr