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Graphic Video Evidence Of Evil Portent For Immigrants & The US/Mexican Border Fulfilled!: "The Real Death Valley"

Originally Published Thursday, April 3, 2014: Evil Portent For Immigrants & The US/Mexican Border: Several Lazy Bishops Make A Political Statement By Concelebrating The Stripped And Barren New Mass At The US Mexican Border! Producer's Note, by Solly Granatstein In "The Real Death Valley," we tell the story of Fernando Palomo, a 22-year-old Salvadoran who happened to be a talented artist, and who was beaten within a centimeter of his life when he refused to design a gang's tattoos. He and his older brother, like tens of thousands of others, fled their homeland and journeyed north to what they saw as the relative safety of the United States. They made it across the Rio Grande into Texas, but that hardly put an end to their troubles. This joint investigation by The Weather Channel, Telemundo, and the Investigative Fund is about people who have already made it across the border, but whose lives are still very much at risk. Brooks county is 70 miles nort