Thursday, June 24, 2021

CCTV Of Champlain Towers Collapse In Surfside



Wing of Miami-area condo collapses; at least 1 person dead 
SURFSIDE, Fla. (AP) — A wing of a 12-story beachfront apartment building collapsed in a town outside Miami early Thursday morning, killing at least one person while trapping residents in rubble and twisted metal. Scores of rescuers pulled survivors from the debris as a cloud of dust floated through the neighborhood. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett warned during a news conference that the building manager told him the tower was quite full and the death toll was likely to rise. “The building is literally pancaked,” Burkett said. “That is heartbreaking because it doesn’t mean to me that we are going to be as successful as we wanted to be in finding people alive.” Ten people were treated at the scene and two were brought to the hospital, one of whom died, Burkett said, adding that 15 families walked out of the building on their own. Work is currently being done on the building’s roof, but Burkett said he did not see how that could have caused the collapse. Authorities did not said what the cause may be. The collapse left a number of apartments in the still-standing part of the building exposed. Television footage showed bunk beds, tables and chairs still left inside the damaged apartments. Air conditioner units were hanging from some parts of the building, where wires now dangled. Source


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

DC DOOM! Six People Injured After Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

At least six people are injured after pedestrian bridge collapses onto truck on Washington DC highway
At least six people have been injured after a pedestrian bridge collapsed onto truck on a Washington DC highway. The bridge collapsed across all three lanes of the I-295 in Northeast Washington, DC at about 12.30pm on Wednesday. Four people were rushed to hospital, while two others were treated at the scene, authorities say. The truck caught underneath the bridge, which is located at Kenilworth Ave and Polk St, subsequently started leaking fuel. It wasn't immediately clear if the injured were pedestrians or drivers. Authorities, including fire and hazmat crews, worked to contain the fuel leak. At least one other vehicle was damaged after being struck by debris when the bridge collapsed. No one was trapped as a result of the collapse. Slabs of concrete and metal fencing could be seen strewn across the highway. The staircases on both sides appeared to be in tact. Authorities don't yet know what caused the bridge to crumble. In the immediately aftermath of the collapse, traffic was backed up on the interstate for more than three miles. Source