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POPE FRANCIS DOOM! Fragments Fall From The Ceiling Of St. Peter's Basilica During The Mass Of Pope Francis...MAYBE EARTHQUAKE WILL STOP THE SYNOD?

I did ask on THURSDAY if an Earthquake will stop the Synod? THURSDAY 3 OCTOBER 2019 FATIMA BIG CITY HALF IN RUINS: ROME EARTHQUAKE TO STOP Synod Of Bishops For The Pan-Amazon RegionOctober 03, 2019 FRIDAY 4 OCTOBER 2019: San Pietro, fragments fall from the ceiling during the Mass of Pope Francis Small fragments of the ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica fell to the ground this afternoon during mass celebrated by the Pope for the ordination of four new bishops. As a precaution the affected area, the wing to the left of the altar, has been evacuated. No consequence because "it was very small fragments" refer to sources present in the basilica. Source The Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins....