Monday, October 4, 2021

Bad Omen! Sailboat Exultet On Its Way To 2023 Lisbon World Youth Day – Capsized

Bad Omen? Sailboat on Its Way to World Youth Day – Capsized

The sailboat Exultet which was due to join the 2023 Lisbon World Youth Day lies now at a depth of 400m off the coast of French Polynesia at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean under the care of Our Lady la Antigua whose statue remained on board. Skipper Thierry Pichon and the eight members of the crew survived. The problems started when on September 9 the boat got stuck and damaged in the coral reef of Huahine. On September 26 at 12:05, Exultet was pulled out of the reef and floated in the open water, 900m from the plateau. However, as the boat was being towed towards the quay, a major leak occurred when the rudder was torn off against the reef. The ship sank at 12.15pm. Source