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Evil Portent: First Time Since 1879 Mont Saint-Michel Cut Off From Mainland After High Tide! St Michael Is Warning Us Of What Will Happen Next!

Skull Of Saint Autbert, Bishop of Avranches Feast Day September 10th St Michael recently allowed the abbey that was built by his request back in 708 A.D. to be cut off from the main land by high tide for the first time since 1879! Mont Saint-Michel was built by a Bishop who had a hole in his head! The hole in his head was put there by the finger of St Michael the Archangel. St Michael did this to get the Bishop's attention! The Bishop was paid a visit by St Michael telling the bishop to build a church on a rocky tidal island at the mouth of the Couesnon. The Bishop paid no heed to the heavenly vision - so St Michael paid another visit and this time it would get the Bishop's attention! It did! Look at the above picture and see the hole in the Bishop's skull and wonder. Bishop listened to St Michael this time and built the requested church on top the rocky island. St Michael for those that do not know is the Angel in the vision of Sr. Lucia as written down b