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Pope Francis Doom Novena! Pope's August Prayer Intention: People In The Maritime World + Then Port Of Beirut مرفأ بيروت Blows Up Killing Hundreds Of Maritime Workers...

Port Of Beirut مرفأ بيروت  4 AUG. 2020 You know the drill..... Port Of Beirut Historical Background The name of Beirut Port has been mentioned since the fifteenth century BC in the mutual letters of the Pharaohs and the Phoenicians, and during the Roman Era, it was developed into a commercial and economic center. During the Omayyad Era, the Port of Beirut became the center for the First Arabic Fleet. As for the Crusaders Era, the Port of Beirut had an important role in the maritime trade between East and West. This role had been fortified during the Mameluke Era when it was turned into a commercial center visited by pilgrims of the Holy Lands. By the end of the 19th century, the current Port of Beirut had been founded.. Port Of Beirut Concession On 19/6/1887, the Ottoman authority gave the concession of the Port to an Ottoman company under the name of "Compagnie du Port, des Quais et des Entrepôts de Beyrouth". The concession was later fortified when the co