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More DOOM To Follow! Pope Francis Sends Condolences to Balloon Crash Victims' Families

"His Holiness Pope Francis was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic loss of life resulting from the hot air balloon crash in Lockhart, Texas, and he sends his condolences to the families of the victims. Upon all who grieve at this difficult time, Pope Francis invokes the divine gifts of strength and comfort." Source

DOOM! Pope Francis Stumbles & Falls During Mass


One Of Angela's Boys One Killed, Two Injured in Machete Attack in German Town of Reutlingen A 21-year-old man armed with a machete killed a woman and wounded two other individuals near a kebab shop in the southwestern German town of Reutlingen, reported Sunday. Police said the attacker is a Syrian asylum seeker, his motives are unclear.The attacker was arrested by police. A police spokesman said he has a criminal record of being involved in incidents causing injuries to other people. Sputnik News Read More>>>>>> WEAPON: DEAD WOMAN: VIDEO OF THE MUSLIM TERROR ATTACK: BREAKING NEWS: Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with a machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over, in latest attack to shock Germany  A Syrian refugee wielding a machete has killed a pregnant woman and injured a man and another woman in Germany before being arrested by police after he was run over by a man d

Evil Portent For Pope Francis? Panic As Explosions From Meteor Rock Argentinian City

Panic as explosions rock Argentinian city - but relief as experts realise what to blame: a huge 1,500mph meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere! Residents of a city in southern Argentina got a scare when a series of powerful explosions shook homes and buildings, but the cause turned out to be a natural wonder: a meteor disintegrating overhead. It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in General Roca, a city of 85,000 people, when suddenly a series of loud blasts caused buildings to shake and windows to rattle. "Everything trembled," said Martin Soria, the local mayor. Police, firefighters and emergency workers rushed to the scene, but found no evidence of a bomb, earthquake or calamity. Finally, scientists pieced together the reason: A meteor had entered the Earth's atmosphere some 10,000 metres (33,000 feet) overhead, traveling at 1,500 miles per hour. "It took everyone by surprise because it entered the atmosphere over an inhabited area. If it had f

Doom Follows Obama! Dallas Cop Shooting While Obama In Poland & Spanish Bullfighter Victor Barrio Fatally Gored While Obama In Spain!

FIRST DOOM EVENT Obama says U.S. 'not as divided as some have suggested' Warsaw, Poland (CNN)Frankly acknowledging a "tough week" in the United States after anxious days of shootings and racial tensions, President Barack Obama said Saturday that he did not believe the United States was "as divided as some have suggested." "There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps," Obama said during a news conference in Poland. "But there's unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate. This is not who we want to be as Americans." Speaking for the third time in Poland about the gun violence that's seized communities in the United States, Obama said the situation didn't resemble the periods of mass social unrest in the 1960s. "You're not seeing riots, you're not seeing police going after people who are protesting peacefully," he said. But he acknowledged

Evil Portent For Indigenous Peoples! Pope Francis' Prayer Intentions For July 2016: I Want To Be The Spokesman For The Deepest Longings Of Indigenous Peoples

Bizarre! Madison Bishop Morlino Says Pontifical Mass For Persecuted Christians & Very Same Day Madison Student Beau Solomon Murdered & Body Thrown Into The Tiber River, Rome

Unusual event: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has been advertising on his blog for the last few months a Pontifical Mass to be celebrated by the Bishop of  Madison on July 1st - the intention of the Mass is protection and safety of persecuted Christians. 1 July – Pontifical Mass at the Throne for Persecuted Christians @MadisonDiocese On 1 July, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, by the grace of God and the Apostolic See Bishop of Madison (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary), sang a Pontifical Mass at the Throne in the Roman Rite’s traditional form. Holy Mass was offered for the intention of Persecuted Christians around the globe. In addition to the orations for the Most Precious Blood, orations were added from the beautiful Mass “in tempore belli… in time of war”. His Excellency granted a plenary indulgence, under the normal conditions, to all those who participated. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Strange? The fruit of the Pontifical Mass said by the Bishop of Madison is the death

Evil Portent For Elon Musk: Ex-Navy SEAL Joshua Brown Watching Harry Potter Crashes & Burns Driving A Self Driving Telsa.....

Ex-Navy SEAL who died when his self-driving car crashed into a truck filmed showing off his ‘no hands’ autopilot A former Navy SEAL who has become the first person to die at the wheel of a self-driving car was chillingly filmed demonstrating that the car needed 'no-hands' in a clip he made just months before the fatal crash. Joshua Brown, 40, died after his computer-guided Tesla Model S plowed into a tractor trailer on a freeway in Williston, Florida, in May. A witness has claimed he was watching a Harry Potter movie when his Tesla collided with a truck while on autopilot. Daily Mail Read More>>>>