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BEE DOOM! Honey Nut Cheerios Pulled Its Buzz The Bee Mascot!

Where's Buzz the Bee?Buzz is missing because there's something serious going on with the world's bees. Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate¹, and that includes honeybees like Buzz. Source

1.Pollinator Health Task Force, “National strategy to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators” (White House, Washington, DC, 2015).


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Prophetess Stewardess Samar Ezz Eldin EgyptAir Flight MS804 Predicts The Downing Of The Flight: Posts Photo Of Stewardess Emerging From The Sea With Plane Submerged In The Background

Prophetess EgyptAir Stewardess Samar Ezz EldinPosted Sept. 2014
And as one who, with laboring breath, has escaped from the deep to the shore turns and looks back at the perilous waters, so my mind, still in flight, turned back to look once more upon the pass no mortal being ever left alive. Inferno I
Air hostess Samar Ezz Eldin, 27, had uploaded a prophetic image of a plane crashing into the sea on her Facebook page in September 2014 just four months after she started working at Egypt's national carrier. It shows an air hostess dressed smartly in wet clothes pulling a carry-on suitcase out of the water as a passenger jet plunges into the sea behind her. Other victims identified include the captain who celebrated a promotion just four days earlier, the co-pilot whose family sacrificed everything so he could learn to fly and a cabin manager who gave up a successful TV acting career to become an air hostess. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>
Samar Ezz Eldi…

DOOM For America! Tranny Manny Is The New Face Of MAYBELLINE......

Doom for America can not be too far behind......

Maybelline Debuts Its First-Ever Male Ambassador, Manny Gutierrez
"Beauty boy" @mannymua733 stars in the latest mascara campaign.
Back in October, Covergirl welcomed James Charles, makeup artist and social media star, as its first-ever male face. Now, Maybelline has followed suit by signing on another one of the wildly popular "beauty boys" of the vlogger world: Manny Gutierrez, aka @mannymua733. Gutierrez boasts three million followers on Instagram. He posts tutorials on Youtube, where two million people have subscribed to his channel (and given him 91 million views) since he started in July 2014. The makeup artist stars in Maybelline's "That Boss Life" campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara alongside fellow Insta-famous beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell (aka @makeupshayla) and sweepstakes winner Jackie Flowers.ELLE>>>>>>>

'Cajun Burning Man' DOOM! Fornicator Jacqui Stavis Struck Dead By Lightning At T-Bois Blues Festival: Live-in Boyfriend Jake Gold Pays Tribute To Her In A Tweet....

New Orleans woman, 28, dies and two other left injured after tent is struck by lightning during blues festival
A New Orleans woman has died and two others have been seriously injured after being struck by lightening during a blues festival. Jacqui Stavis, 28, was killed after the bolt hit her tent at the T-Bois Blues Festival in Larose, Louisiana, on Friday night. Two friends, who were sharing the tent, were rushed to hospital after they suffered serious injuries in the strike. A Labrador dog, that had been with them at the time, also died in the incident. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>