Saturday, March 17, 2018

Evil Portent For Sports? Ball Got Stuck In The Net.

Refs botch call, disallow Tennessee layup that got stuck in the net

Tennessee is rolling into the second round of both the women’s and men’s NCAA basketball tournaments. And on paper, its two blowouts – the women’s 100-60 win over Liberty, the men’s 73-47 win over Wright State – were pretty uneventful. Alas, that was not the case. Because the Lady Vols’ victory on Friday featured the quirkiest moment of March Madness so far. Tennessee’s Mercedes Russell sealed her defender, and was fouled while making a layup. She went to the line for what should have been a chance for a three-point play.Instead, after a lengthy review, the referees inexplicably ruled that the basket didn’t count. The reason? Because the ball, after passing through the rim, got stuck in the net. Tennessee coach Holly Warlick was both astonished and furious after the ruling, and understandably so. The ball quite clearly dropped through the rim, and only didn’t fall through the net because the net – likely a new one, freshly installed for the NCAA tournament – was too tight. Source

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