Friday, April 4, 2014

Evil Portent For Chile! Pope Francis Sends A Telegram Offering Only Prayers For Chileans. Expect Another Earthquake & More Deaths!

Our Lady Of Mt Carmel

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am deeply affected by hearing the news about the earthquake that has affected and injured people, as well as damages and the high amount of people that were evacuated in that beloved country. On your behalf, I wish to express my closeness and affection to all Chileans.

I pray eternal rest to the deceased, to comfort those affected by this unfortunate tragedy and to inspire through hope to face such adversity.

Also, I pray urgently to all Christian communities, civil institutions and people of good will, to provide effective aid to those affected, with generous spirit and kindness.

While I call on our Lady of Mount Carmel, as a sign of respect and esteem, I bless those Chileans in the north who are present in my heart.

Pope Francis.”

- Vatican, April 2nd, 2014

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