Friday, June 23, 2017

Ramadan Evil Portent! Mysterious ORANGE Water At Dubai Marina! ORANGE BANNED BY MUHAMMAD!

Mysterious orange water at Dubai Marina raises concerns

DUBAI // The waters of Dubai Marina mysteriously turned orange on Thursday. Residents were quick to share their concerns on social media suggesting that an oil spill could be responsible for the change in colour. A spokesperson from Dubai’s Municipality said they had not yet identified the cause and a team of officials had been sent to inspect the site on Friday morning. "There are some speculations that the spillage can be from a near by construction or from groundwater", the spokesperson said. Residents said the water was still strangely coloured on Friday morning. "I woke up this morning and can still see the discolouration of the water, there was no smell, however, by late afternoon it seems to clear up," Shereen Hafidh said. Other residents were unable to see the orange water indicating said potential spillage was localised to one area of the marina. "I went to check Marina Walk, it’s a two minute walk from our house, I didn’t notice anything unusual. The spill can possibly be from the other side of the Marina," Nada Al Tayeb said. Dubai Marina is one of the city’s luxury waterfront developments with a canal spanning 3.5 km offering access to the sea from both ends. Source

MUSLIMS prohibited from wearing orange color shirts

Sahih Muslim Hadith 5173 Narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As Allah's Messenger (saws) saw me wearing two clothes dyed in saffron, whereupon he (saws) said: ‘These are the clothes (usually worn by) the non-believers, so do not wear them.’

Although the color ‘orange’ is not prohibited by name, a shade of modern-day ‘orange’ that has specifically been discouraged as a color of clothing for the believers is ‘saffron’. The Messenger of Allah (saws) disapproved the believers to wear ‘saffron’ colored clothing as they are usually worn or associated with the religion and clothing of the disbelievers. Even today the Hindu priests and priestesses or the Buddhist monks wear a shade of this ‘saffron’ colored attire, and clothing of this color is generally associated with the clothing and religious color of the disbelievers.

It would be best if the believers would abstain from wearing ‘saffron’ colored clothing; and if one does for the sake of Allah Subhanah, he will have his due reward with his Lord for obeying the Sunnah and guidance of the Messenger of Allah (saws).

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me alone. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength. Source

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