Sunday, January 19, 2020

Evil Portent For Puerto Rico: Fireball Blazes Over Puerto Rico As Locals Fear 'End Times' After Earthquakes

Fireball blazes over Puerto Rico as locals fear 'end times' after earthquakes

A blazing meteor-like fireball has been spotted hurtling through the sky in Puerto Rico after a series of powerful earthquakes. The unusual celestial phenomenon has been branded a sign of the "end of times" by locals on the Caribbean island.Citizens of the US territory have been jolted by a series of powerful earthquakes since the beginning of 2020, and assumed the blaring light ball was "something catastrophic". The island has been recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria since 2017, a deadly natural disaster that destroyed the territory and killed 3,057 people. Frightened Puerto Ricans who witnessed the phenomenon took to social media to share photos and video of the fireball. One Twitter user said: "Just saw a huge meteor or fireball about a mile into the ocean over Rincón, Puerto Rico. Source

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